Research Business

Research for vehicle’s D&R capabilities

Outline of Research Business

JKC conducts D&R research in order to achieve reasonable and efficient repairs. For this purpose, JKC conducts collision tests on new models and makes technical suggestions to the OEMs regarding body structures and repair methods.
JKC also conducts performance evaluations of ADAS.
Based on the D&R evaluation and performance of ADAS, JKC provides input to RCAR regarding test standards and design guidelines.

Research for D&R

Using the results of collision tests and subsequent repair processes, JKC analyzes the body deformation of vehicle structures through multifaceted observations, such as using a three-dimensional optical scanner and computers.

Study of ADAS

JKC conducts performance evaluations of ADAS at its facility and external test courses, and develops new evaluation standards that it shares with RCAR members.

Entrusted Research

Based on requests from OEMs and insurance companies, JKC conducts research using its own and other crash test facilities. JKC conducts analysis of traffic accidents and insurance data for grasping the market situation.

Crash Test Facility

JKC has been investigating the D&R of damaged vehicles as one of its core operations since its establishment
An indoor crash test facility with a fixed barrier and runway was completed in March 1988.
JKC conducts about 100 collision tests a year. The test results are used for many purposes, such as researching the D&R, preparing materials for training courses, and carrying out research entrusted by OEMs and insurance companies.

The crash test facility has a runway 100 meters long and 15 meters wide equipped with a towing machine that can accelerate the vehicle’s speed up to 50km/h.
Multiple high-sensitivity high-speed cameras take videos which can be shown instantly on a large monitor.