1973 Established Kabusikikaisha Jidosha Hoken Kenshu Center (former company name).
1974 Started operations. Held 1st Round Table meeting of Technical Advisors. Initiated formulation for standard operation times.
1975 Started the Jiken Center News
1976 Participated in the Research Council for Automobile Repairs (RCAR) as an observer. Published JKC Standard Labor Time Schedule for Removal/Installation and Replacement.
1977 Prepared JKC Standard Labor Time Schedule for Repair Coating.
1978 Became formal member of RCAR.
1979 Started special researcher system with non-life insurance companies.
1980 Completed construction of training building. Prepared JKC Painting Repair Time.
1981 Hosted Annual RCAR meeting in Tokyo. Held 1st Body Repair meeting.
Published 1st issue of the “Kozo Chosa (Structural Investigation) Series.”
Prepared Standard Labor Time Schedule for Repairing Outer Panels.
1982 Began studying the actual conditions of repair paint operations.
1983 Changed company name to Kabushiki Kaisha Jiken Center.
1984 Separated training for non-life insurance company employees into A and B courses.
1985 Began formulating JKC Repair Time based on Elementary Time Data.
1986 Held 1st meeting with Paint manufacturers.
Held 1st meeting with Body Repair Equipment industry.
1987 Prepared JKC Outer Panel Repair Time.
1988 Completed barrier facility.
1989 Completed training textbook on passenger cars.
1990 Jiken Center News reached circulation of more than 10,000 copies.
1991 Hosted Annual RCAR meeting in Tokyo. Established customer support system.
1992 Created training course on imported cars.
1993 Amended JKC Removing and Replacing Repair Time. Amended JKC Painting Repair Time. Completed new training text on auto trucks.
1994 Started interchange with KIDI (Korean Insurance Development Institute).
1995 Completed construction of new research building.
1996 Held 1st Round Table meeting on JKC Repair Time. Prepared JKC Inner Panel Repair Time .
1997 Prepared JKC Repair Time for imported cars.
1998 Prepared JKC Repair Time for pick-up trucks and two-tone repair paints. Issued “JKC information.”
1999 Introduced new system to prepare JKC Repair Time. Visited research centers in Europe. Held 1st technical exchange with KART (Korean Automobile Insurance Repair Research and Training center).
2000 Amended JKC Repair Time for bumper repair paints. Prepared JKC Repair Time for light trucks. Began training programs for mutual insurance companies.
2001 Opened JKC corporate website.
2002 Reconstructed paint booths. Made a visit to Europe to study their repair hours.
2003 Renovated facilities to bring them into compliance with RCAR’s new collision standard. Made Jiken Center News fully colored. Provided repair information and Q&A of JKC Repair Time on our website.
2004 Amended the system to prepare JKC Repair Time. Renewed barrier lighting equipment.
2005 Prepared JKC Repair Time for exterior parts version of imported cars. Participated in Joint Project Team of Government and Private Sectors for the Prevention of Auto Theft as an observer.
2006 Hosted Annual RCAR meeting in Tokyo. Installed the documentation management system.
2007 Renewed the corporate website.
2008 Opened Corporate English website.
2009 Revised the Adjuster's Manual (Truck version). Created JKC Repair Time for waterborne paints.
2010 Accumulated number of trainees reached 100,000.
2011 Introduced special training program for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
2016 Released Design Guide Check Sheet
Published Handbook of Automobile Repair
2017 Started Technical Expert course