Repair Development Business

In addition to improving body and paint repair technique and the mechanical skills in repairing damaged vehicles, JKC conducts research on a wide range of advanced technologies that respond to the development of vehicles.

Outline of Repair Development Business

The development and technologies surrounding vehicles are changing rapidly. For example, body materials used on new models are constantly changing to achieve weight reduction and further improve collision and occupant safety. Other developments include high performance sensors for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems(ADAS).
Therefore, repairing such advanced vehicles creates new challenges in the field of repair work.
JKC studies how we can cope with such challenges and find appropriate solutions including better ways to make the repair work more efficient.

Study of Paintwork

By using the latest colorimeters, JKC carries out research on water-based paints to seek ways to improve the efficiency of color adjusting and color clear painting processes.

Study of ADAS

ADAS requires recalibration when its component parts are replaced. JKC conducts studies on efficient ways to recalibrate because each Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has a different way of conducting this process and this creates difficulties for the repairers.

Study of Body Materials

JKC has conducted studies on more efficient and safer ways of repairing aluminum panels, and the weldability of ultra-high tensile steel.