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Company Profile

Company Name JKC / The Jiken Center Co., Ltd
Address 678-28 Futamata, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba 272-0001MAP
TEL: +81-47-328-9111  FAX: +81-47-327-6737
Established July 2, 1973
Capital 300 million yen
Shareholder 14 companies including insurance companies
Representative Naoto Tsukamoto, President
Number of Employees Executives and regular employees: about 80, Instructors: about 40
Organization Compliance Dept., Corporate Administration Dept., Training & Education Dept., Repair Time Dept., Technical Development Dept., Technical Research Dept., Customer Relations Dept.
Facilities Facilities: Site area: approx. 14,700 m²
Building area: approx. 10,800 m²
Main building: Classrooms (9), Accommodation facility (capacity: 69 persons), Dining room (120 seats)
Factory: Body (7 units), Painting (6 units), Mechanical (1 unit), Alignment tester (1 unit), Chassis analyzer (1 unit), Frame alinger (6 units)
Training Annex: Work Observation Room (3), Classroom (1), Exhibition Room (1)
Research Laboratory: Laboratory (6), Research Room (5), Material Room (6)
Crash Barrier Facility: Barrier Test Equipment, Operation Room, Observation Room

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