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Message from the President

Naoto Tsukamoto, President Naoto Tsukamoto, President

Since its establishment in 1973, the Jiken Center, with support from non-life insurance and automobile industries, has been engaging in activities related to damaged vehicle restoration and containment of automobile repair costs. Our mission is to pursue development of sound automobile insurance policies and achievement of a rational automobile society.

We also engage in research activities in association with RCAR, an international body of automobile research centers whose primary goal is to reduce the human and economic costs of motor vehicle losses.

While our main business focus is in the area of damaged vehicle repair, we also engage in the following four business activities.

1. Training insurance adjusters and employees of non-life insurance companies
2. Creating an index, such as JKC Repair Time, to measure automobile repair time
3. Developing new repair technologies and methodologies, such as Advanced Driving Assistant System and ultra-high tensile strength steel
4. Conducting research on car structures that do not easily sustain damage and are easier to repair and Advanced Safety Vehicle technology for prevention of car accidents

We will continue the activities useful to the industries for the future.

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