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Barrier collision test


Our company has been investigating the collision damageability and repairability of cars as a core operation since our establishment.
An indoor barrier collision test facility with a fixed barrier and runway was completed in March 1988.
We conduct some 130 collision tests a year. The results are used for many purposes, such as researching the damageability and repairability of cars, preparing teaching materials for training businesss, and carrying out more tests on contract with auto manufacturers, insurance companies, and other businesses.

Outline of barrier facilities

The barrier chamber (100 meters long (deep) and 15 meters wide (25 meters in some barrier chambers)) has a traction apparatus to accelerate a car to a collision speed of 55 km/h.
The barrier doesn’t budge an inch during a test collision. It weighs at least 130 t and absorbs none of the collision energy.
The high repeatability of the barrier collision test ensures that it can be suitably used to evaluate the safety and damageability of cars because its high repeatability.

Test scene

The test vehicle is set to a starting point. Then, a traction wire pit is installed in the middle of the test course. The vehicle is connected to this pit wire.
The wire is driven by a 200 hp motor and gradually accelerated.

The vehicle is separated from the traction wire immediately before the barrier and crashes under the force of self-propulsion (by inertia).

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