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Outline of research business


We investigate and research damageability (susceptibility of a car to damage) and repairability (ease of repairing a car) to reduce repair costs.
To be more specific, we conduct collision tests for new models from automakers under identical conditions and compile the test results in reports, adding suggestions on ways to lower body repair costs and improve repair methods.

We also investigate the conditions of actual accidents (how cars are broken) on the road, in parallel with our investigation by collision tests.
̒Our investigation results help us study international collision test criteria.

Our company has been an observer of the government-private sector joint project team for the prevention of car theft (government-private sector PT) since April 2005. The research results are posted on the website of the government-private sector PT.

Investigation and study of damageability and repairability
Fact-finding survey on actual accidents on the road
Investigation and research to evaluate the performance of the car-theft-prevention system.

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