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Enhanced environmental consciousness and guidance for manufacturers in recent years has led to the widespread use of water-based paint for car repairs. But in general, the new applications for water-based paints in the auto industry are still being developed. The operability differs from product to product.

We would like to help paint manufacturers improve their water-based paints for the auto industry by providing them with useful information from operability research and other sources.

Water-based paints we have researched.

Paint manufacturer Product name
Rock Paint Water base
Isamu Paint Aircoat, Aquas
BASF Coating Japan Onxy HD
PPG Envirobase
Nippon Paint ODBAS
DuPont Standohyd

Main Coating Facilities

Push-pull type Paint Booth
  • ANDEX CAB-07 (QDAS installed):
    1 unit
Toning Room
  • ANDEX Water-washing spray booth:
    2 units
  • Toning table with exhaust system: 1
Primer Treatment Shop
  • Pit-type exhaust unit: 2
  • Pendant-type near-infrared dryer: 4

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