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Outline of repair development business

Changes in the automotive world.

Various countermeasures against global environmental crises have recently been implemented in the automotive world. Automakers must produce lighter bodies to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Ultra high-tensile steel plates are used to reduce the weight and improve the strength of an automobile. In some models, aluminum is also used.

Laser welding is now in common use for process materials and rivets (self-piercing rivets) in the manufacture of bodies.

The emission of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) used for coating bodies is controlled. Service garages are beginning to consider the introduction of water-based paints for repair coating. The full-scale use of water-based paint has already begun in Europe, where VOCs are regulated by law.

The Advanced Safety Vehicle (ASV) has been developed with electronics technology, to improve safety. The ASV has functions to warn drivers of danger, and to avoid danger with an automatic braking system.

Investigation and research on repair techniques

Our training improves skills in body repair, coating, and mechanical skills for restoring and repairing damaged cars, while our research and investigations cover a wide range of advanced technologies expected to keep pace with the evolution of the automobile.

We also provide pointers on daily repairing work as repair information.

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