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JKC Repair Time for imported cars

Types of JKC Repair Time and the number of cars covered by newly prepared Time.

We have been creating JKC Repair Time for import models since 1997, in pace with the rising number of import models coming into Japan. We prepare two types of JKC Repair Time by model: one for installation/removal and replacement of parts, the other for repair coatings. We have completed them for 41 models.
We disassemble and investigate imported cars by the same methods we use for domestic makes. The JKC Repair Time assigned are based on inspections of structure and necessary work required for imports.
Our Repair Time are marketed throughout Japan through Cognivision under trade names such as the “JKC Repair Time Table” and “Assess Pro II”.

Target models

We select one-engine, one-grade models that are deemed important, from among models that sell well.

Major exterior parts version

For models other than the target models above, we only prepare JKC Painting Repair Time and JKC Removing and Replacing Repair Time for parts for which JKC Repair Time are frequently used, namely, shell panels, glass, and several mechanical parts among the major exterior parts.

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