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What is JKC Repair Time?

Explanation of an JKC Repair Time

JKC Repair Time refers to an operation time required for the repair a damaged car.

We prepare JKC Repair Time based on structural investigations of major car models (both domestic makes and imports) and time study surveys on repair work. The numbers improve the rationality of our method for estimating repair costs.

The JKC Repair Time Table Manual published by Cognivision gives instructions on how to use the JKC Repair Time. Before using the manual, check the contents in advance. The actual repair time depends on the condition of the vehicle or the tools you use.

Preconditions for creating JKC Repair Time
  1. Vehicles
    Vehicles only slightly stained or rusted, used for one or two years (mileage of 20,000 to 30,000 km (12,500 to 18,750 miles)
  2. Service garage
    An ordinary service garage equipped with welders (spot, arc, and gas), a simple body frame alingner and other machines and equipment that meet the requirements for a certified service garage. A service garage with a four-point fixed body frame aligner with a multidirectional drawing function for JKC Inner Panel Repair Time
  3. Workers
    Qualified workers with about three years of work experience. For repair coating, skilled workers with five years of work experience or Grade 2 metal coating qualification.
  4. Parts
    Undamaged parts straight from the factory, listed in the manufacturer catalogs
  5. Work method
    A safe, rational, and economical repair method developed in consideration of vehicle functions and quality commensurate with the extent of damage

Types of JKC Repair Time

We assign the following four types of indices.

  1. JKC Removing and Replacing Repair Time
    The indices cover the attachment and detachment/replacement of damaged parts. They differ from model to model.
  2. JKC Painting Repair Time
    These are time for coating shell panels. They differ from model to model.
  3. JKC Outer Panel Repair Time
    These are JKC Repair Time for correcting outer panels. They are common to all models.
  4. JKC Inner Panel Repair Time
    These are JKC Repair Time for correcting the skeleton dimensions of passenger cars using a body frame aligner. They are common to all models.

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