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Outline of preparing JKC Repair Time


For more rational calculations of the cost necessary to repair damaged cars, we have established a set of “JKC Repair Time” based on the standard operation times required to install/remove and replace parts, body repair, and apply repair coatings.
We are adding JKC Repair Time for 40 to 45 models (both domestically produced and imported) per year.
We compile the JKC Repair Time and results of structural investigations on new models into a report in our “Structural Investigation Series.” The report is available car mechanics and adjusters for subscription.

History of preparing JKC Repair Time

  1. Standard repair time
    In 1976, we released Japan’s first standard operational timetable for repairing damaged cars.
    In earlier years, the going rate for each repair item differed from area to area. Meanwhile, the rate of car ownership has been increasing in Japan, and the number of car accidents has sharply increased in parallel. These circumstances call for a simple and easy method for calculating repair charges. To respond, we have established a standard repair time.
  2. Elementary Time Data method
    At the beginning, it took a huge amount of time to prepare the standard operation timetable based on actual measuring work. We decided to prepare a table based on Elementary Time Data method, back in 1985. The “Elementary Time Data” is a timetable per minimum unit (e.g., a spot or bolt) obtained by statistically processing data on operations that had been measured. Based on this timetable, we were able to promptly prepare what we call “JKC Repair Time,” numbers indicating standard operation times, by carrying out necessary structural investigations.
  3. JKC Repair Time system
    New software for estimating repair costs based on JKC Repair Time has made estimation more efficient. The repair cost is calculated by multiplying JKC Repair Time by a unit price preset for each service garage. This rational system (JKC Repair Time) has spread into widespread practice.
  4. Reviewing JKC Repair Time
    To maintain the validity of JKC Repair Time, we review them and add operation items as required by actual market conditions. We also hold an annual meeting to discuss our method for creating the JKC Repair Time, and review the method with professors, lawyers, and consumer affairs experts to maintain and improve the objectivity and transparency of our system for creating the JKC Repair Time.

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